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At GIC, our goal is to foster a mutually rewarding and long term partnership with our clients from all over the world.

We pride ourselves in offering products and services of the highest quality, and we are thrilled to know that the joy we experience in our work extends to our clients as well.

Hear what our clients have to say about us.

 "Thank you for organising such a wonderful and successful international conference. The quality of the speakers and papers were excellent, the sponsored lunches provided outstanding food and atmosphere for conference members to interact and to get to know each other..."
- General Manager, Johnson & Johnson

 "It was my great honour and pleasure to participate in this successful conference in Shanghai. I definitely enjoyed the meeting and had some interesting conversation with other leaders in the industry."
- China President & CEO, Novartis

 "On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the best, my experience with GIC is a 10+, you are the best!"
- Global Six Sigma Program Director, Motorola

 "It was a pleasure to be at the conference. I enjoyed interacting with all of the high profile speakers as well as the other participants. Overall, I had a great time and so when you do this next, please do let us know."
- Business Director, Coca Cola

 "Wow! What a wonderful experience it is to be par of a truly first class operation like GIC. I've worked in lots of locations, under all kinds of conditions, but I want you to know this has been the best, bar none, you take first prize."
- President, Chester Marketing Group,

 "GIC is very competent and capable of meeting our professional training needs."
- Senior Marketing Manager, General Motors

 "It was a great event and certainly one of the most professionally organized I have attended. Well done."
- General Manager, Synovate Healthcare

 "I enjoyed your conferences and was very impressed with the way you had organised it"
- Business Development Manager, British Standard Institute


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